Needing to vent

I am feeling emotional and feeling that I need to vent!
Even though Lou’s paediatrician appointment went really well and there are things being put into place, I still find certain daily occurrences really difficult to deal with.
Even just putting on socks and shoes in the morning becomes a major issue, I offer my help and then I get a pushchair shoved into my leg!
The hitting, kicking and pushing is really taking it toll, I repeatedly get kicked in the back for not allowing Lou to have the tablet. She has become obsessed with it and I’m keen to not allow her to stare at a screen constantly, it is easy to stare at a screen but I’m keen for my child to not experience the same awkwardness as I have in the past with social interaction.

I’m not asking for a miracle cure, for also repeatedly hurting her sister, I know that there are people who have more challenges than us, but its so difficult when I’ve also got so much going on in my head at the moment and a lot to deal with, that over time will hopefully improve.
Thank you to my Blog for being a productive place that I can vent!



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