I’ve noticed through other mummies’ posts recently that they have been posting pictures of siblings via #siblingsproject
This has come at a great time for us as I’m helping to build a positive relationship between Lou and Moo.
They currently have a ‘Love/Hate’ relationship that involves Lou being rough with Moo, then Moo smacking her back in the face as if to non-verbally say: “back off!”
Over May so far I have noticed some really lovely moments and captured these as seen in the above picture:
1. Top left – helping mummy practice for her weekly music session at Lou’s Pre School.
2. Top right – Lou reading to Moo, funny as I’ve been putting Moo into the travel cot whilst I prepare meals and Lou has jumped in anyway! Can’t stop this girl!
3. Bottom left – exploring the new playhouse that Great Granny (GG) got for them, they both enjoyed giving their dolls a tea party!
4. Bottom left – sitting together to open Moo’s Christening gifts.

Looking forward to posting in June 🙂


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