To my 4 year old

To my dear 4 year old on your birthday….

Thank you for changing my life for the better, on Friday March 16th 2012 at 11.15pm you entered the world. I had never seen anything so precious in my whole life. I didn’t let you out of my sight and watched you breathe all night I couldn’t sleep I was too excited. I couldn’t believe you were mine!
Everyday I was happy to wake up to see what you would do next, I enjoyed watching you grow and learn new things everyday. I wasn’t prepared even after working with babies, but we got there learning as we went!

I spent every minute of everyday with you, we went on walks, to the park, swimming, shopping you name it!
You were my little friend and you taught me that I could look after someone else and not to only think of myself, I became less self centred and leant how to put you before myself.


I soon realised you were similar to mummy in some ways but very different in others, you are spirited and I don’t think you’ll let anyone boss you around or walk all over you! I’m glad you can stick up for yourself even at the young age of 4!
Yes you have given me some of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced, like when you throw yourself onto pavements and roads and refuse to move! Or when you leg it off from the park! Or launch objects at my head! But you’ve also given the biggest highs, like learning to walk, saying “mama” your speech and imagination are amazing and you have a wonderful ability to make people laugh when you dancing and twerking! When your learning to write your name and can sing the alphabet song.
I will fight tooth and nail for you to get what you deserve, you have taught mummy to stick up for herself and I won’t give up! You deserve the very best in life, I want you to be happy, kind, loving and funny I love you just like that my ‘Little Pop,’
Lots of Love
x x x x



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