Welcome to my Blog

I’m a 33 year old mummy to 2 beautiful girls,
I love chocolate and wine!
I’m a driving phobic,
I have worked in Childcare and Education for 12 years, although nothing could prepare me for parenthood!
My eldest child *Lou is almost 4 at time of writing, and *Moo is 1 this week.
My partner has severe Dyslexia and I’m teaching him in our spare time (spare time ?! What’s that?!)
I am opinionated but polite, trust very few and I’ve had to become a stronger person in the last year especially, I’m ‘quirky’ some may say ‘odd’ (!) and my sister has nicknamed me ‘Miranda.’
I fiercely love my children dearly, but I’ve had to really find myself in the last year as in December 2015 my eldest child Lou was diagnosed with SPD – Sensory Processing Disorder, which I’ve only come across once in the past 12 years.
This is my ‘learning journey’ to acceptance and my current fight to teach myself about my child’s condition, and also to teach others’ close to us and our wider circle.
This is also my thoughts on my own personal journey to acceptance of who I really am after not knowing for the majority of my life!

*at this current time I’ve chosen to only share my children’s nicknames, not full names.


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