Why I miss my job


It has been almost 2 years now since I last worked.
I love being at home whilst my children are young, I can’t ever get this chance with them again, the time goes so fast…
…But I have such a high functioning brain, I miss the company that a class full of children brings and the company of work colleagues.

From the age of about 10 I think I knew that I wanted to work with children, I used to place all my teddies and dolls like they were the children and I’d take a register. As I reached the age to baby sit I used to spend my weekend evenings looking after children in the village. I found it easier to talk to children than I did adults! Children didn’t judge me they just wanted me to listen to them and interact with them and didn’t care about what I looked like.

When working with children it’s a fantastic distraction from worrying about paying certain bills, who’s gossiping about who, endlessly tidying my house, etc.! It’s like to enter a different world where you hand your phone in so nobody can reach you and just concentrate on interacting with the children. When I’m at home it’s lovely to interact with my child but it doesn’t stop my mind going back to a place where I remember things I don’t really want to, especially during nap time whereas there simply isn’t even a moment to think about it whilst at work.

The balance I can see for the not too distant future is finding part time employment to try and get a healthy balance between being at home and being at work. I thrive on those moments when you realise that you’ve taught a child something, when they repeat something that you’ve taught them, when they make progress however big or small, that is what drives me.

I have spent the past 12 years working in mainstream settings, after finding out a great deal of information in terms of Lou’s SPD and other traits I find myself fascinated. I touched on this a few years ago when working with some children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, this was very challenging but also the most rewarding of jobs. I also feel empowered to give something back to help other children and their parents as my own partner went to a Special Needs school due to having what would be described in today’s terms as ‘Global Developmental Delay, fairy complex emotional and behavioural issues and later Dyslexia. This has definitely taught me that it’s never too late to learn as we’re currently working through an Adults with Dyslexia text book.


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