A lifeline for Lou



Here is the copy of the post I wrote to thank the charity Family Fund:
This is my daughter Amber (4) she has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) with traits of ASD and ADHD. I hadn’t heard of the Family Fund until I took Amber to a play therapy centre and the Specialist teacher at the SMILE centre at ARCOS in Malvern, Worcestershire suggested I should try and apply to Family Fund. I was desperate to provide Amber with equipment to help keep her calm, but as we’re a low income family I was finding this difficult. My daughter was given a grant for sensory equipment and toys from the Learning SPACE and further sessions at the SMILE centre where my daughter can explore bubble tubes, role play, snugs, musical instruments, etc. My partner Paul and I were delighted that our daughter would benefit so much from this. Already we’ve noticed that Amber is calmer when she’s accessing the toys and equipment. She explores the scented doughs, squeezes and pulls stretchy men and butterflies. She goes to sleep with stars on her ceiling and a rainbow on her wall! She is fascinated by squeezing the Gelli Baff and Magic Snow, and is calmer from watching the gel droppers in her ‘calm’ tent. I’m currently logging the success of this equipment via my personal Blog and will also do so when she attends the play therapy centre – I’d love to give you feedback on that too 🙂
I’ve never been so grateful for anything in my whole life, it makes such a difference to a little girl who finds it difficult to control her emotions and frustration. Thank you so much for making a difference in my child’s life Family Fund 🙂



Above picture shows Lavender scented Modoh which I’d never heard of, when squeezing it gives off a calming lavender scent it even worked on me!

The yellow dough is scented with banana and I’d never come across Gelli Baff before but It suggests putting it into the bath but we used a washing up bowl. The crystals expand and Lou enjoyed squeezing the gel it made when mixed with water.
I’ll be updating more successes in the near future, especially with the musical instruments as Lou has already shown great interest in these!

I’ve also been asked to join the Family Fund’s monthly blog where for June I’ll be writing a post about taking a child with additional needs on holiday.

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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