What makes me proud

I have always been a ‘glass half empty’ person. For some reason I always look at the negatives in every situation. It is somehow easy for me to write about things that go wrong or I find difficult. But this is a positive post. Somethings included may seem trivial, but it is my attempt to look at every positive, however small.

My two children themselves are the very positives in my life, I am ultimately proud of them, even at their 4 years and 15 months. They continue to make me smile every day, sometimes it’s tough but I never fail to find positives from their learning and humour.

Lou is my lively 4 year old, she struggles to understand other people’s humour but she has the ability to make people laugh without even trying! She will dance along and copy dance moves from pop videos such as Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry.’ Who she calls “Justin Beaver!” She has a love – hate relationship with her younger sister Moo, she once told a friend: “Some people have cats, some people have dogs, I don’t have any pets – just Moo!” Lou never stops talking she doesn’t like silence, a bit like me! She has particular fascinations one being water, when she first started nursery she used to flood the bathroom area everyday with her fascination with turning taps on and placing her hands right under! This hasn’t changed at the age of 4 but at least I now understand that this is part of her ‘Sensory seeking.’

Lou has a fascination with time, she likes to go to the kitchen clock and tell us the time, I was amazed at how accurate she is saying “7 o’clock now mummy, it’s bedtime!” I was amazed and when she recognises “20 past 2 mummy,” even though it’s 20 minutes to 2 this is still amazing, I feel! But then I am biased! Lou also has a love of letter and numbers, she frequently recites the alphabet song and is already beginning to sound out letters such as ‘c-a-t’ I feel that when her anger and frustration doesn’t surface she can really enjoy learning.

Lou is a very friendly young lady, she says “hello” to anyone who walks past on the street she isn’t afraid to talk to people, which is very different to my extreme shyness as a child. I’d rather have her with a sprit than a pushover like I was! We do have to keep an eye on this over-friendly-ness, I don’t want to knock this quality out of her, but we’ve had support from our local children’s centre in terms of ‘Protective behaviours’ as she does have no awareness of ‘stranger danger.’ And can be over trusting.

Lou does struggle with knowing how to appropriately play with toys, often because she is distracted with Moo in the room, but she does have a great imagination and it’s great to catch this. She will often come to me and say: “I’ll be Ariel, and you be Prince Eric.” (From the little Mermaid.) One of us is frequently ‘Anna,’ and the other ‘Elsa,’ (Frozen.)

Just the above image (where Lou is ‘reading’ Game of Thrones,) makes me laugh as she said: “Mummy I’m just reading this story!” I thought: that goodness she can’t read yet!

Moo has a great amount to deal with at her tender age of 15 months. She has to observe a great deal of meltdowns that Lou displays. We do wonder as she gets older if she may copy these behaviours or indeed have any additional needs herself. But for now all we can do is enjoy her while she’s so young and absorbing everything like a sponge!

Moo copes incredibly well with everything that goes on and she has to endure Lou’s very tight squeezy cuddles! She has started to put her hand out as if to say “I want to be left alone at the moment.” She is a resilient little thing and is also developing a sprit, she definitely knows what she wants! I love to watch Moo, she’s such a busy little girl she will get her dolls and pat their backs, rock them and say “Ahh.” She loves the tea set and will stir the cups using her spoon then bring it to me. She loves animals she will now point and say “bird,” She loves watching the ducks and enthusiastically shouts: “Quack, quack!” Moo is a very loving child she is more clingy to me than I remember Lou being, Lou will only cuddle me now on her terms but Moo offers frequently ‘loves’ and pats my back and says “Ahh.” image


These are the readings I wrote for Moo’s Christening back in May ’16.

One thing I do know for sure is that I can be having the worst day in the world but the 2 best things in my life keep me going 🙂

Just had to add this last image as this sums my daughter up in one:
Queen Elsa of Arendale with a Red Power Ranger’s mask!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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