Count to 10!


I’m writing this post on the back of a meltdown, all is calm(er) now but only 30 minutes ago I can only describe the scene as ‘bedlam.’ It always amazes me how Lou can go from 0 to 100 mph during a meltdown.  It was triggered by food, as I had only written a few days ago in the the post ‘I’m hungry.’ Only just after lunch and Lou is demanding food again she’s eaten an ample amount. She sees red and throws my I pad onto our hard kitchen floor, how it didn’t smash I don’t know! Because I wasn’t giving in she then yanked the stairgate clean off the kitchen, I’m surprised I’ve got any door frames left!
I have to therefore remove her to her ‘safe zone’ in her ‘calm tent.’ Immediately after I get any item she can lay her hands on thrown at me and somehow I slipped down the stairs dodging them.
I return a few minutes later to find a calm Lou,  however the reason she was quiet is because she’d been ‘exploring’ some Sudocrem she’d found and it’s been rubbed into the fairly new carpet! 
It always amazes me how Lou is so ‘Jekyll and Hyde,’ can see red one minute and the next is talking as if nothing has happened!
I have wondered to myself if it’s just me that finds this behaviour extreme, I was a shy and reserved child that wouldn’t have spoken out of place or hit out at anyone. I am a fairly calm and reserved adult, I admire Lou’s spirit and hope that she will use this spirit to not allow herself to be walked all over and to be able to stick up for herself. I do wonder if every 4 year old behaves like this at home! As I’ve only ever experienced other 4 year old’s through my work. I’m often told that “many children behave like this” but when it happens everyday, up to 10 times a day I do question it.
I imagine Lou gets the same sort of head rush that I do during one of her meltdowns, it literally feels like my brain is bouncing from one side of my skull to the other, the only way to try and get through this feeling is to:

Breathe and count to 10!

Several times! And try to stay calm!

I’m often left with a massive headache after a full – on meltdown, especially those where there is destruction. I manage that Lou feels very much the same.


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