Writers block 

I’ve come to my first experience of ‘writers block’ since starting my Blog in March 2016. I have written so many posts about Lou’s additional needs and I have lists of more ideas of future posts but it’s also been such a busy time, it’s the last week of the school year and I’ve still got to compile my plans (of attack) to keep Lou occupied at home as she’ll be out of the normal routine in only 2 days time! 

Due to the recent hot weather we’ve been spending a lot more time outdoors, both girls have loved spending time in the paddling pool! I’ve also had problems with back pain and I’ve been put on a waiting list for Physio. 

I’m already thinking that I won’t be able to write as many posts when the summer holidays are here, but I’m hoping to get a lot more posts written come September when Lou starts school full time.

I’ve wondered for a while now about whether I should give reviewing products a try and share the review via my Blog, I’m testing the waters with reviewing a baby brand product and a health related children’s book. 

There are plenty of posts to write about with things coming up, such as more sessions at the SMILE centre, Malvern. Lou also had an impending Occupational Therapy appointment and if course, then there’s the start of ‘Big School.’ 


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