Review of the new Tommee Tippee Ultra feeding bottle

I was very happy to work with Tommee Tippee in preparation for their ‘Ultra Games’ sporting event. I have used Tommee Tippee products since I had my eldest child, Lou in March 2012. I used the products again for my 2nd child Moo, from March 2015. My children have used Tommee Tippee original bottles, soothers, Tippee cups and beakers, bowls, snack tubs, etc! I find that Tommee Tippee products are those of a very good quality and strong to withstand daily use with babies and young children.

I was happy to receive the new Tommee Tippee Ultra bottle to try on Moo, I will also be giving away another brand new Ultra bottle, more details to follow below.

We also received a Tommee Tippee Ultra ‘Athlete status’ medal and sweat band, where Moo was fascinated with the star-shaped Medal.

It was interesting to see how the bottle has evolved over time after Moo started using the original Tommee Tippee bottles, we were able to compare the newest Ultra model. Moo found it easier to hold this bottle herself, which she was pleased about – being such an independent and strong willed young lady! The angle of this bottle also allows for a smooth milk flow, which is beneficial, especially for younger babies, as both of my babies had colic. The design of the Ultra teat also allows for less air ingestion and discomfort.

I have always found that because Tommee Tippee bottles have a wide neck teat, it allows for switching between breast and bottle feeding. I also found that this bottle is less dribbly for Moo, the screw ring is thicker and wider than the original Tommee Tippee bottles.

As with previous bottles the Ultra range comes in 2 different sizes – 260ml and 150ml, with 3 different teat sizes:

• 1 = Slow flow (from 0m+)

• 2 = Medium flow (from 3m+)

• 3 = Fast flow (from 6m+)

Due to the Ultra featuring a unique:

‘Contoured and angled’ teat’

(Source: Tommee Tippee Ultra bottle and teat instructions.)

As with other Tommee Tippee specialist bottles, they are only suitable for use with Tommee Tippee Ultra teats. I’ve had to ensure to pick up the correct teats for the type of bottle in the past.

As I know quite a few ladies who are currently pregnant, I will be highly recommending the new Tommee Tippee Ultra bottles to them.

For more details:
Please visit

For the full bottle range.

Or ‘like’ Tommee Tippee on Facebook

From 8th to 21st August ‘The Ultra Games’ will be hosted on the Tommee Tippee Facebook page, where parents can enter their athlete in events:

• Crawling

• Smiling

• Dribbling

• Pooping

• Peeing

• Laughing

• Napping

• Rolling

The winners of each event will receive an Ultra Medal, sweatband and an Ultra feeding bottle.

For rules, including how winners are chosen please visit:


Please click on the link below to be taken to Gleam page, where you will be asked to like my Facebook page, if this is done via this link you could be in with a chance to receive a boxed 260ml Tommee Tippee Ultra bottle RRP: £8.99

Disclosure: We were sent these products for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own. 

Thanks for reading 🙂 


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