“This is what I do…” 

It’s been nearly 5 months since I came across another Blogger’s site, via a parenting support group, before March 2016 I didn’t even know what a Blog was! I would have never have thought that 5 months later I’d be sharing my own story via my own Blog! 

Yesterday I hit a 50 post milestone, some posts have taken me over an hour, sometimes up to 3 hours long, so on reflection I realised how much time and energy I’ve put into my Blog so far. I’m trying to educate my other half on the benefits of me Blogging as even though it’s not a paid ‘job’ I do say: 

“This is what I do.” 

I now find myself explaining this in general conversations – stating that I am a stay at home mum, but I’m also a parenting and additional needs Blogger.

It’s difficult lately as it’s the school holidays, and I would normally spend sometime writing in the day whilst Lou was at Pre School and Moo had a morning nap, therefore I’m doing more in the evenings! It is addictive once you start but I’ve found so many benefits to Blogging, I’ve now signed up for an online course in Blogging and Web design to help develop my own understanding and to help advise and support others who maybe want to start their own Blog or Website. 

This is the direction my Blog is now heading in: 

1. Continuing our own personal journey, writing posts from the heart and sharing our experiences, whether good or bad.

2. Sharing parenting experiences in general – I love sharing parenting quotes, especially the humorous ones! 

3. Product reviews – this is a direction I wasn’t sure about at first, but I’ve now completed 2 reviews and currently reading 2 parenting books to write a 3rd review, it’s nice to work with companies that appreciate me writing about their products. 

4. Continue the fight to make Sensory Processing Disorder more acknowledged in the UK, as it is in the USA. 
5. Sharing my love of photography – I’ve loved photography since I was a child, I enjoy taking nature photos and photos of my children, what a way for them to look back at their childhoods, when they have grown up! Or say “mum, what did you take that photo for?!?” 

Sculpture in the grounds of Abbey Park, Pershore.

6. Helping others – my brain is a minefield – I started blogging to help collect my thoughts together, that were endlessly floating around in my brain. I’m certainly not an expert in anything but I’m passionate about my children and working with children as I have done for 12 years, if I can just help 1 person I’m happy. I’m also happy to help other people start a Blog and happy to learn alongside as I’m still picking up new things myself daily! I’ve had a love for technology from a young age – I can be quite addicted but I’ve always enjoyed using technology and just have to ensure that this is done at an appropriate time and place! 
7. Sharing activity ideas and plans. This reminds me of my passion for planning and implementing early years activities – some of my most popular and most read Blog posts are those about ‘Sensory Diet’ and ‘Messy play’ experiences. If I find a new activity and it’s successful at home I like to share with others. 

8. To continue to write monthly Blog posts for Family Fund – a charity that provides grants to disabled or seriously ill children. I’ve had posts shared via Family Fund, Learning SPACE (Specialised Products Aiding Child Education,) Footie Bugs, (a children’s football programme, and the SMILE (Sensation, Movement Interaction in Life Experiences) centre in Malvern where Lou attends, has shared my Blog via their Facebook site. I have recently written a post to share our experiences of the benefits of our local children’s centres as I was saddened to hear that funding is proposed to be cut and groups at some centres are closing already, I was recently approached by a local radio station to talk about my experiences. 
I am the worst person for complimenting myself but I am surprised and proud of what I have achieved in a few months, I feel that I would like to return to my career once my children are both at school, but in Blogging I have found the very thing that knits all of my interests together.

I’ve learnt such a lot in the past few months I’ve become a stronger person and feel confident enough to share my views and beliefs and stand up for what I truly believe in, even if not everyone agrees. I stand by that “knowledge is understanding” as this time last year I was completely lost in own self doubt regarding my parenting skills, I was stuck in a rut and from researching and sharing via support groups I’ve learnt so much about why Lou does what she does. And I’ll continue to fight for support for her 🙂 

Thanks for reading 🙂 


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