Week 1 of our holiday – craft and Sensory Diet activities

We have got quite a lot done this week and Lou has enjoyed keeping busy! Here’s a few of the activities we got up to:


Book pointer wands:

This was a simple but effective activity. We used lolly sticks, cardboard and sequin stars and lots of glitter and PVA glue to create these pointer wands. The lolly sticks were coloured using felt -tipped pens. The wands can be used as a pointer when reading, they will come in useful when Lou starts school.

Painted flowers: 

I’d never thought of this idea before – Pinterest is a great place for these ideas! We used paints and forks to print these flower heads. The stalks and leaves were painted on using a thin paint brush.

Sparkly seahorses: 

I found a template of a seahorse and Lou decorated using sequins and again, lots of glitter and PVA glue! 


“Magic Painting:”

We started off the week with a sunny day, so provided buckets of water and paint brushes. This was a popular activity and Lou enjoyed also tipping the water out and stamping in it! 

Pots and pans:

Such a simple activity using saucepans, a colander and wooden spoons. Both Lou and Moo enjoyed creating their own sounds!  

Rice, pasta and spaghetti play:

Tea sets are very popular in our household at the moment. So we added some rice, pasta and spaghetti to the ‘tea party.’ 

Sensory dough:

This was the most popular activity of the week. This non-cook dough is the easier I’ve ever made. All I used was some fragranced conditioners from Aldi at 35p each and some cornflour. The consistency is very soft and we used Raspberry and Tea Tree & Mint conditioners, tinting the dough slightly, we liked the Tea Tree and Mint dough best as it smelt like peppermint creams!

We also conpleted a music session with a children’s CD with popular songs such as ‘Old Mcdonald’ and did the actions for ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.’ The girls both enjoyed using instruments to the songs and this keeps me in practice for my music sessions ready for September! 

Looking forward to sharing our second week’s activities 🙂 

Thanks for reading 🙂 


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