Week 2 of our holiday – Craft and Sensory Diet Activities

This week we have been very busy, we haven’t got as many craft or sensory activities completed as last week as we’ve done more organised activities and play dates at the park. The weather has been slightly better than last week so we’ve also spent more time outside. 


Cardboard layer heart.

Our main craft activity was creating this cardboard hanging heart. I cut out 3 different sized hearts and Lou pained them in colours of her choice. We let them dry and then stuck the hearts together, and made a hole to thread some patterned ribbon. Lou has requested that she hangs this up in her bedroom.

Sensory Diet: 

Sensory Dough.

This was such a popular activity this week. Lou played with this dough every day and it smelt lovely, being scented with vanilla essence! Lou made this dough herself during a session at the SMILE Centre, Malvern. 

A social story was used as a recipe guide, using symbols as well as the actual words. The ingredients used were:

– 2 cups of plain flour.

– Half a cup of salt.

– 2 tablespoons of Cream of Tartar.

– 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

– Food colouring.

– Essence – this time was vanilla.

– 1 cup of boiling water.

Mix all ingredients together until they become a dough ball.

Time at the park.

We enjoyed going to our local park and another in a nearby village. The girls met up with some friends which benefitted them greatly as they’ve both missed the company of other children, especially Lou as she’s been used to interacting with other children at Pre School.

Planned Activities: 

‘Crafty Cooks.’

This was a set activity I’d arranged for Lou to take part in. Where she made mini pasties. This was a great activity for Lou to explore all of her senses. I’ll be writing more details on this particularly activity in a Blog post on its own.

‘Mess Around’ session.

This has to be the highlight of our whole week! Another set activity that was booked in advance online. The girls arrived to a village hall full of messy play activities, including coloured rice and spaghetti, water beads and gloop. This was the most beneficial session for Lou – my sensory seeker. I’ll be writing an individual Blog post about this session.  

We look forward to reporting back about how our week 3 goes.

Thanks for reading 🙂 


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