Week 3 of our holiday – craft and Sensory Diet activities

This week we got quite a lot packed in, we were able to complete more craft and sensory activities and we got a couple of days out as well due to daddy being off work for 3 days. 

1. Salt dough hearts.

This was one of those activities that allowed Lou to explore and she enjoyed the texture and feel of the salt dough but I don’t think I cooked the dough for long enough in the oven and therefore we found that the PVA went stringy on contact with the heart shape! Lou found this highly amusing and enjoyed touching it! I will repeat this activity next time and learn from the experience! 

The salt dough recipe we used to make salt dough was:

1 cup of salt

1 cup if water 

2 cups of flour

And we added in some pink food colouring.

We made a mixture of PVA glue and water to create a varnish effect and placed on some buttons and sequins.

I also found that the buttons and sequins should have been pressed into the soft dough but as it then couldn’t be put into the oven it would take several days to properly dry out.

2. Salt dough hedgehogs.

This was more successful than the salt dough hearts! We collected some twigs on a walk and these were used to create the hedgehog’s spikes. We allowed the hedgehog to dry out naturally then hope to paint it. We used the salt dough recipe as above. 

3. ‘Puffy paint’ practice.

I wanted to give this a go before creating some puffy paint ice creams, as I’d never attempted this activity before.

We used PVA glue mixed with paint and shaving foam. The texture was amazing and the mixture did puff up! Lou was immediately fascinated by the texture and tried a bit out on paper with a paint brush, but she much preferred feeling the mixture on her hands! 

This soon turned into a colour mixing activity and Lou was delighted as she said: “I’ve made green” and “I’ve made purple!” She wanted to print the new colours into paper. I’m unsure if I used enough PVA glue in the mixture as I’m running out, as when the pictures created with a paint brush dried they dried flat rather than puffy, or whether this is what is supposed to happen!  

4. ‘Soapy foam’ in water tray. 

Moo was really into water play this week, she enjoyed getting the soapy foam (children’s bath product) onto her hands and squeezed it! We cannot use shaving foam with Moo as it irritates her skin as she gets Eczema. Soapy foam is kinder to children’s skin and is moldable, bought from a supermarket. 

5. Day out for Daddy’s birthday. 

We went on a 10-minute train journey to Worcester where we moved from when Lou was 2. We are lucky to live very close to a train station and as daddy was off work on holiday, we were able to visit the park, had lunch out and discovered the fountains by the riverside close to Worcester bridge.

Worcester bridge, taken from South Quay (River Severn)
I’ve always loved this view of the cathedral I used to walk this way to work, beautiful in the morning. Even if this photo I’ve taken is slightly wonky!
Water fountains on South Quay, Worcester

Lou was curious about the water fountains but wanted to stay on the edge to watch. When I said that she could go in further she replied: “But I’ll get my shoes wet mummy!” Such a contrast to the 2 year old I took here regularly – when she used to run through the water! 

Overall I was so impressed with Lou on this trip, her usual limit away from home is 2 hours but she lasted 4 hours on this day! We had some little ‘wobbles’ but these were quickly averted. This is the first proper family trip we’ve successfully managed in about a year! We decided to put the reins on Lou as it was a very busy place and she still tends to run off or bump into things. We try and gauge the safety aspects and whether she should wear them or not.

This has to be my favourite still life photo from the day: 

The sculpture, by Malvern artist Victoria Harrison, honours the lives of the officers and men who were killed in the adjoining battles of Qatia and Oghratina during the First World War.

I hadn’t seen this sculpture in Cripplegate park before, as I haven’t visited for 2 years, I found it great to capture as it’s made from mosaic tiles. I had to Google the meaning behind this 9ft sculpture (as I often ‘Google’ stuff!) It was unveiled in April 2016. 

Week 3 was a successful and busy one! I hope that week 4 brings much of the same! 

I just love it when the kitchen is a hive of craft activity 🙂 

Thanks for reading 🙂 


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