Bibetta Lunch Bag Review


As my 4 year old daughter is due to start Primary school in a few weeks, it was great to be asked to review a Bibetta lunch bag. I hadn’t heard of the Bibetta brand before but from when we received the lunch bag the first thing I thought was ‘this is like a wet suit material.’ after reading up on the Bibetta brand I realised that Bibetta:

“Design and manufacture a range of smart, innovative and practical products to help everyday family life, fun and relaxing.”

Source: Bibetta website

The founder of Bibetta, Paul Brown (products designer and keen surfer,) found that Neoprene, a material used to make wet suits would be waterproof, stretchy, soft, durable and strong and therefore would make a perfect bib material. I also found that Bibetta produce the following products:

  • Ultra bibs
  • Sleeved Ultra bibs
  • Dribble bibs
  • Picnic blankets
  • Swim bags
  • Roll-up changing mats
  • Lunch bags
  • Bottle insulators
  • Nappy wet bags

We were sent a ‘Pink Butterflies’ lunch bag, my daughter immediately spotted the butterfly name tag and soft handle. On our day out to a local park, I was able to hang the bag onto my pushchair and my daughter accessed the bag when she wanted a snack.


I was pleased to find out that the lunch bag can be hand washed with water and washing up liquid, or normal clothes detergent. The bag can be then rinsed with warm water and left to dry. I was also very pleased to find that it can be occasionally added to a 30 degree, or less, washing machine cool wash. previously I have had to replace around 5 lunch boxes in the last year due to messes and spills inside the bags, that won’t come off even of anti-bacterial products were used to clean inside.

Older lunch bag that was much harder to clean.

On our trip out we added some drinks bottles to the lunch bag, I was pleased to read that the Neoprene material is insulating, helping to keep contents at the right temperature for longer. One of the drinks spilt in transit as the bottle isn’t great and normally the drink would leak through, but with the Bibetta lunch bag the liquid was contained and when we got home I just wiped clean with a cloth. The lunch bag was dry again within minutes.

I would highly recommend a Bibetta lunch bag to everyone, so practical and spacious. I hope to buy one for my youngest daughter as we visit a few groups, and take drinks and snacks to places such as the park. She also starts Pre School next year and this would be perfect to store her packed lunch. Bibetta lunch bags come in 4 different colours/styles:

  • Turquoise birds
  • Pink butterflies
  • Green owls
  • Blue fish

Each coming with a corresponding animal print. You can download a brochure of products from the Bibetta website, I found that selected products up until bank holiday Monday have up to 50% off. With this offer Bibetta lunch bags are £4.99 (were £9.99.)

I will be updating our use of the Bibetta lunch bag once my 4 year old starts school in September.

Disclosure: We were sent the Bibetta lunch bag for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

Bibetta products can be ordered online at:

Bibetta website


Thanks for reading 🙂





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