Guest Blogger ~ Sleep and Research Series 

This is the second of my guest posts in the sleep and bedtime series.

Today I am featuring Chantele from ‘Two hearts One Roof.’

Chantele is a fellow parenting Blogger, she also Blogs about Home and Design, Food and Drink, Fashion and Beauty, and other topics – what a lovely range this is.

Please explain a bit about yourself. How many children you have and how old are they?

I’m Chantele, married to Jon and first time parents of 8 week old Elian. 

What is your child(ren)’s usual bedtime routine? E.g. Bath time, story, (how many?) etc.

We’re not really in any sort of bedtime routine at the moment to be honest as we are still trying to work out what’s best for us and him. Me and Jon are night owls, so ahem, always been more productive work wise (we run our own photography company in the evenings, Jon will edit late into the night if he can. But at the moment Elian has an evening bottle of formula at between 7 and 8 (he is combination fed so has breast and formula) and will usually take a nap on me or Jon after the bottle for an hour or 2 as long as we don’t try and put him down, then he will wake and want breast feeding, if we are lucky he will go back to sleep for a while again after that then I aim to get into bed around midnight. he has a breast feed in bed, then I change him ready to sleep and if he is still hungry he can have some more breast milk, if he goes to sleep I will try to move him across into his Chicco Next to Me crib, if not he will be topped up with some formula which usually sends him off and I will try shift him into his crib then. This doesn’t always work as he doesn’t like sleeping on his own! I often have to keep my hand on him until he gets into a deeper sleep. He will then wake about 2.5-3 hours later and have a breast feed but after this he won’t go back in his crib to sleep, he will cry within minutes of me putting him in there and want more boob to help settle him, after 2-3 attempts to pop him in the cot I usually give up and let him sleep with us. He’ll usually feed again around 6:30 and then sleep till 8ish. But weirdly this is different if he is with one of his grandparents, where he will go down in his cot and sleep in 3-4 hour stints between his bottles. We think it is because he can smell my breast milk when he sleeps next to me at home.

If your child has tried to gain your attention after you’ve said goodnight, what do you do? Go back to see what the problem is? Leave them?

If Elian wakes in the night I can either try settle him with placing my hand on him for a little while to see if he will stop, which occasionally works for a little while, but more often than not I need to feed him or bring him into bed with us, that’s the only thing that works.

Does your child share a room with a sibling or have their own room?


Do you have any tips for siblings sharing a room? Do they wake each other up in the night/morning? Do you put your youngest or eldest up first?


What is your child(ren)’s usual bedtime? And usual awake time? Do you have any views on putting later to bed, does it mean that they get up slightly later? Or still the same time in the morning?! 

We are hoping that a later to bed later to rise routine will work for him as we are night owls so it would be easier not to have a 5am wake – up call! At the moment it is usually between 12-1 that we get in to bed properly (although he will have a longish nap around 8-9) then he wakes properly around 8, at which time I get up and come downstairs with him usually.

Do you have any strategies or tips for a smooth running bedtime?

At the moment the main thing we would like to be able to do is just sleep with him in his cot! I don’t mind what time he sleeps or for how long at the moment, just being able to pop him in his crib would be good! This is during the day too! We have tried different sleep wear, swaddling, blankets and a Grosack and nothing has really worked so far. Once he is old enough we will definitely be using bed time stories and possibly a sleep rewards chart as I think positive reinforcement works best with children.

Does your child still have day time naps? Morning or afternoon? Morning and afternoon?

As he is only 8 weeks old he naps all the time! lol! As long as he is being held by someone, although at my parents or my in-law’s homes he goes down in his cot or bouncer to sleep quite happily.

Thanks go to Chantele for sharing her experiences, it is great to get a perspective of sleep and bedtimes from a range of ages. 

You can find Chantele’s Blog at:

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Chantele and Jon run a lovely newborn and wedding photography business, check out their website:

Thank you Chantele for sharing your experiences 🙂 


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