What a difference a year makes…

Tomorrow, on Monday 22nd August we have been in our house for a year. We were keen to move closer to my parents and we were also keen for Lou to go to a school with smaller classes. When we went to view the house I was quite taken aback as it needed a lot of work! I’d always wanted a project but unsure of how much could be done with a 6-month-old and a very lively 3-year-old Lou. My parents helped such a lot whilst we were away on holiday being at the house whilst new carpets were fitted as there wasn’t a single carpet left from the previous occupiers! My parents had to wash the walls as they weren’t left in a great way! And the whole building smelt of stale cigarettes, we decided that neutral tones throughout would allow it to be brightened up and would allow us to start on a blank canvas. Upstairs there were staples in the wooden floors, walls and ceiling, we aren’t sure exactly why! We spent ages picking the staples out to make it safe for the girls, and I had to pick remains of a green carpet out before our new carpet was put down! There are now only a few finishing touches to add to the girls’ bedroom. 

Lou and Moo’s bedroom
Our ‘toy den’ living room! (How I like it!)

Once a carpet was added, (we were left with just a concrete floor!) Curtains added and the living room was freshly painted it felt more like home. 

We still have the kitchen to decorate which was just left white, so my next task is to create a Parisian – style theme. 

The garden needed to be made safe for young children, hardly any grass had been left, and we had to dig it up and start again by adding grass seed to try and get a lawn back. I have never seen so many random objects dug in a garden! I found computer keys, Sim cards, kitchen utensils, etc! All underground. 

We now feel so happy for our girls to play in the garden, when it’s been good weather, we’ve been out there everyday. I added in pots of flowers (just out of picture) and decorated tyres to create a mud pit. My future projects are to replace more fencing that is getting old and to create my own outdoor furniture for the girls, made from a wooden cable reel and pallet. 

We have a very limited budget but we have been pleased with how much we’ve managed in a year, we love our little house in the countryside and have no plans to move! 

Thanks for reading 🙂


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