More mind blowing stuff! 

Lou had a Microarray blood test to check for genetics at the beginning of July. Today we had the results, I’d kind of predicted that I wouldn’t hear the words “clear” but I was still quite surprised to hear the words “anomoly.” I was told not to worry about this – although I naturally am! And I still can’t remember all of the conversation! I was relieved to hear that the results will be sent to me via post to clarify. But the way forward is to now check if this anomoly has been passed down by either myself or Lou’s father in the form of blood tests for ourselves. I’m a terrible ‘Googler,’ I Google absolutely everything, but I’m refraining from doing this until we know more. I am hopeful that the results will show a clarification for some of the difficulties Lou displays, to then be able to help support her more. 
I will update as and when we find out more.

But I know one thing – nothing can or will change –  we love our big girl to the moon and back, she is so funny, she loves to make people laugh and she is picking up so much now, she continues to surprise us everyday, yes there are still difficult behaviours but we hope to gain answers to help her more. 

If anyone has any similar experiences I’d be happy to hear from you.

Thanks for reading 🙂 


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