Guest Blogger ~ Sleep and Bedtime Series

This is this 5th guest Blogger feature for my Sleep and Bedtime series.

Jessica Blogs at ‘Beautiesandthebibs.’ She shares her parenting journey and has done some great product reviews. Jessica has recently written a post called ‘What do I ask at a nursery show around?’ This is a great and informative post for any readers looking around nurseries for their little ones. I could relate to this after I’ve done a few show arounds in previous years, when I was a baby room leader. 

Please explain a bit about yourself. How many children you have and how old are they? 

I’m a first time mommy to a beautiful little girl called Ava; she is 8 months old and a cheeky little monkey. Before starting maternity leave I was a nursery manger, looking after children aged 2 -4 years of age. 

What is your child(ren)’s usual bedtime routine? E.g. Bath time, story, (how many?) etc.

I try to keep to a strict bedtime routine, this consists of a nice bubbly bath, then a bottle and a cuddle. Where she normally falls to sleep on me and then she goes in her bed. Sometime she stays asleep and I don’t hear from her for a good couple of hours. Ava isn’t one to self soothe so tends to cry if left in her cot whilst she is awake, she will make herself that upset to the point where she is sick if left. Other than crying to gain my attention she has recently learnt that banging her dummy off the bars makes a lot of noise. 

If your child has tried to gain your attention after you’ve said goodnight, what do you do? Go back to see what the problem is? Leave them?

My daughter is very lucky to have her own pretty room although she prefers to come into bed with me. Co-sleeping was something I was adamant I wasn’t going to do, but as the weeks go on I looked more and more like a walking zombie. It got to the point where she would still be awake at 3 o’clock in the morning.

What is your child(ren)’s usual bedtime? And usual awake time? Do you have any views on putting later to bed, does it mean that they get up slightly later? Or still the same time in the morning?! 

I usually put Ava down to sleep between 7 and half past. I have tried to put her down later in the hope that she will go to bed easier and maybe sleep for longer. Sadly this doesn’t make any difference if anything she is harder to get to sleep as she is over tired. Ava tends to wake up at 5 in the morning for her bottle but then once had it she falls straight back to sleep. Then sleeps until about 8, this is normally in bed with me though! 

Do you have any strategies or tips for a smooth running bedtime?

When Ava was really little she was such a good sleeper I mean when she was new born she would go 5 hours in the night between feeds. If she did wake up and didn’t need a feed I would put on her musical hippo nightlight on and this sent her straight back off to sleep. We did go and buy a Ewan the dream sheep and this used to work wonders. Not so much now as she just throws it around her cot! 

Does your child still have day time naps? Morning or afternoon? Morning and afternoon?

I would definitely say a good bedtime routine is important even from a young age. We got really lazy with ours and let Ava win by staying downstairs with us when she should be in bed. We are now paying for this as she won’t go to sleep in her cot by herself anymore and sometimes will still be awake at 11pm. 

As Ava is still only little she has two naps a day neither of them are for very long. The first one is around 10 for about half an hour. Then her second sleep is around 1 for around half an hour again. We do have a little rule that she isn’t allowed to have a sleep after 4 as this makes bedtime so much harder than it already is. 

Thanks goes to Jessica for joining in with my Sleep and Bedtime Series.

You can find her Blog here:
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Thanks for reading 🙂 


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