Our trip to Wick Care Farm

Today we visited Wick Care Farm, Near Pershore, Worcestershire. This is not far from where we live and we hadn’t been to a meet-up before with other children with additional needs, which is something that we’ve been wanting to do for a while now. 

We were met by Tom and Isobel who run Wick Care Farm. Amber enjoyed watching the beautiful white ducks and was brave to offer them some food, we watched as the ducks filtered out the mud from the puddle water for them to drink! We then went on to feed the 2 black piglets, Amber was a little reluctant to touch them at first but eventually did and was then helping to feed them in the trough. 

Amber really enjoyed feeding the Jacob sheep, she was intrigued that one was a ‘spotty sheep,’ Tom told us that Jacob sheep can have 2 or 4 horns and some even have 6! 

We were very lucky to get a look at new family dog, a Labrador pup called Millie. Amber was delighted to see a puppy that looked the same as her ‘doggie’ soft toy at home, which is her main comfort object. 
We then moved onto the geese and chickens, with both Amber and Mummy being brave to go into the pen! A goose took a liking to Amber’s bright pink All-in-one suit! But I was impressed how she handled this by calming soon after. We saw the turkeys too and a highlight for Amber was getting to have a sit on the green tractor! She was delighted to get up and steer the big wheel! As she stepped off and I asked if she’d enjoyed that she replied: 

“When I grow up, I’m going to be a tractor girl.” 

My very own ‘Tractor Girl’

Which is a world away from wanting to be ‘Queen Elsa’ which was her preference a few weeks ago! 
Inside we listened whilst Isobel told us how corn is grinded and how this technique used to be done with a stone. Amber had a go at using a grinder with a lever and correctly identified that it was flour that was coming out the other end! 

We were so happy to have joined this meet-up trip, Tom and Isobel were patient, understanding and welcoming. We would defintely like to re-visit the farm again soon.

For further information please visit: 

Wick Care Farm Website

Thanks for reading 🙂 


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