My Early Years Teacher Status (EYTS) Journey.

In April 2010, I started my Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) this is now known as EYTS. I was glad to come across the EYTO (Early Years Teacher Organisation) website and I joined as a member, (annual membership is free at the moment.) I was happy to share my EYTS jorney so far which will be displayed on the EYTO’s blog on their website.

Where I studied:

The qualification I gained in June 2010 was then named EYPS (Early Years Professional Status.) I was made aware of this training by the owner of the nursery where I was working as a Baby Room Leader. I completed the training at the University of Worcester, where I had also graduated from in 2004, (BA (hons) Primary Education.)

What inspired me to complete your EYP Training:

I was leading 3 nursery nurses in the baby room and I found it rewarding to help guide them in their professional development, this started from completing their staff appraisals. This helped me to gain confidence in my role as room leader.

My daily role now:

Until July 2014 I was working with 2 and 3 year olds, planning and implementing activities in a nursery attached to an Independent school, also working in the after-school care provision and Holiday Club. In March 2015 my 2nd child was born and I decided to stay at home with her, my eldest child was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in October 2015, and therefore this was an extremely busy time! I am currently the committee Secretary at the Early Years setting in the village where we live, I also run weekly music, movement and sensory sessions with 0 to 4-year-olds at the setting, as I became self-employed to run these sessions in September 2016. I also offer a Messy Play experience once a month. By attending this setting I have learnt how to use an online Early Years Observation and Assessment tool, and I keep up with any new Early Years news, changes in policies and legislation.

Here are my 2 girls, enjoying music at home. 

Projects I have implemented or working on:

I started my blog ‘Sensory Sensitive Mummy,’ in March 2016, initially to share our journey with having a child with additional needs, this has provided a variety of opportunities such as helping to campaign for our local Worcestershire Children’s Centres due to recent funding cuts. This has led to me recently being approached to run a ‘Stay-and-Play’ session at my local children’s centre, where I hope to offer messy play and music and movement sessions. I am also developing my business website to be able to pitch to other local settings with the aim of delivering more sessions. My blog now offers activity ideas, such as craft and sensory activities for the school holidays. I am also able to share my love for photography via the blog, and I write monthly posts for the charity Family Fund, who support children with additional needs and their families, with some of the topics being Challenging Behaviour, Leisure Activities, People who support, etc.

One of my craft activities for the summer holidays ’16, ‘Sparkly Wands.’ 

My next CPD plans are:

  • To expand my music and sensory sessions into the local area to run more weekly sessions, in local settings such as Pre-Schools, Nurseries, Toddler groups, and Schools.
  • To continue to develop my website for my music and sensory sessions, sharing more of what we do in the sessions.
  • I do hope to return to work at an Early Year’s setting once my youngest child starts school as I do miss the atmosphere of the classroom. I then hope to continue to further my professional development via any course that is appropriate.

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Proud of our girl :) 

This time last year we were unable to take Lou to a fireworks display. She had just been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and had nightmares about Halloween, she had heard a few lots of fireworks around the 5th November 2015 and said: “Too Loud” and held her hands over her ears. She grabbed my arm and squeezed it tight and had trouble going off to sleep.

This year Lou had been doing some work on bonfire night and fireworks at school, she seemed more interested and her grandparents had found some ‘family friendly,’ low-noise fireworks. We also decided to offer Lou some ear defenders and have already found that she prefers to wear them whilst I am hoovering.

So with ear defenders on and wrapped up warm, Lou watched the fireworks in my parent’s garden, she was fascinated and mesmerised by them, she described them as “dancing fairies in the dark.” 

We have decided to repeat this next year as a lower key evening worked so well and we’ll leave the organised displays for now until she’s older. 

Moo was all wrapped up too, she coped well with the noise but we wish we’d found some smaller ear defenders for her! She enjoyed watching the pretty colours and said “bang,” bit required some reassurance from her Aunty and her ‘nummy’ for comfort.

What this has taught us is that we can still enjoy festivals and celebrations such as this ~ but we just need to adapt things here and there such as using the ear defenders.

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