Proud of our girl :) 

This time last year we were unable to take Lou to a fireworks display. She had just been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and had nightmares about Halloween, she had heard a few lots of fireworks around the 5th November 2015 and said: “Too Loud” and held her hands over her ears. She grabbed my arm and squeezed it tight and had trouble going off to sleep.

This year Lou had been doing some work on bonfire night and fireworks at school, she seemed more interested and her grandparents had found some ‘family friendly,’ low-noise fireworks. We also decided to offer Lou some ear defenders and have already found that she prefers to wear them whilst I am hoovering.

So with ear defenders on and wrapped up warm, Lou watched the fireworks in my parent’s garden, she was fascinated and mesmerised by them, she described them as “dancing fairies in the dark.” 

We have decided to repeat this next year as a lower key evening worked so well and we’ll leave the organised displays for now until she’s older. 

Moo was all wrapped up too, she coped well with the noise but we wish we’d found some smaller ear defenders for her! She enjoyed watching the pretty colours and said “bang,” bit required some reassurance from her Aunty and her ‘nummy’ for comfort.

What this has taught us is that we can still enjoy festivals and celebrations such as this ~ but we just need to adapt things here and there such as using the ear defenders.

Thanks for reading 🙂 

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