Yesterday was an outstanding day…

…Yesterday was fairly unique.

The last time we had an entire day without a meltdown, or ‘Sensory Overload,’ (as I like to call them,) was on Christmas Day 2015. When these unique days occur I get a feeling of “is this where it all changes?” But I know in my heart, this was a ‘one-off.’ 

Yesterday Moo (22 months,) had a day with Daddy and it was just myself and Lou at home. We made Gingerbread biscuits and iced them, as this was related to Lou receiving a ‘Gold Award’ during her school assembly for creating a craft Gingerbread man for her homework.

We also looked at books, we watched ‘Zootropolis’ – which is quickly replacing ‘Rio’ as the film that Lou insists on watching everyday! And we watched all the way through – which is unusual for me as I’ve only ever seen the start and the end! We explored many of Lou’s new Christmas presents, such as ‘BloPens’ which she was very good at – mummy = not so good!!! 

Lou only had to be reminded once to listen or be calm from 10am until 5pm and I was astounded! Lou had my full attention without Moo, who she still has jealousy issues with. 

In comparison, today has been very tricky, we have been tested once again, spat at, hit at and shouted at. Lou has been extremely hyperactive, demanding and has found it difficult to stick to any type of activity. She has difficulty playing independently and choosing her own activities, and struggles to play alone – craving the attention of an adult every minute that she is awake. The girls have a wide range of toys – dolls, books, puzzles, small world, bricks, etc, but we have to give her a choice of 2 different activities. 

As Lou responds so well to a structured school routine, I am having constant battles in my head as to what to offer her at home, we do all we possibly can – I could sit with Lou the whole time she is awake but then what happens on the days when I’m alone with the girls and Moo isn’t given attention, this simply wouldn’t work. We would also have no clean clothes or dishes! We use visual timetables and explain everything that is happening, however, I am reluctant to turn my home into a school-type environment, with a routine for 7 days per week, surely a child’s brain will overload at some point?

I tried to do a few similar activities today and Lou wasn’t in the slightest bit interested, it proves what I’m always banging on about, that she has to be in a particular type of mood to respond to certain activities. 

Still, I will relish the outstanding day we had, the experiences we shared and carry on looking for the best methods that work for our brilliant masker girly! 

Thanks for reading 🙂 


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