When I saw the ‘Fever Effect’ with my own eyes

The first time I heard about the ‘Fever Effect’ was whilst watching the BBC Drama called ‘The A Word’ a drama series that I could relate to in many ways but also found it difficult to understand why the little boy called Joe would wander about his surrounding village in the mornings as I’m forever checking that Lou cannot get out of the front door – but that’s another story! 

During one episode Joe was ill and it mentioned the ‘fever effect’ – with Joe’s mother searching a great deal on the internet just as I do! Joe’s Autisitc traits seemingly disappeared for the day he was ill and I thought to myself how is this even possible? 


Yesterday when Lou’s daddy rang on his work break and when I rang my own mum to tell her that Lou and Moo were ill and I explained how different she was they both said: “it’s just like little boy on the TV programme.” 

Yesterday Lou: 

– was lethargic and slept around 4 times throughout the day – as opposed to sleeping from 7pm until 5am. 

– was still and happy to chill – as opposed to being constantly active and climbing onto furniture and bouncing off, etc. 

– was completely off her food – as opposed to shouting “I’m hungry” throughout most of the day. 

– spoke calmly to me and asked for things, such as: “mummy please may I have a drink.” As opposed to “get me a drink right now.” Or “you’re really stupid Mummy” (And said in an aggressive manner.) 

– When her daddy left for work in the morning she said: “Bye, bye Daddy I hope you have a lovely day,” as opposed to “Bye, bye you silly poop.” 

– No one shouted all day,

– Myself or Moo didn’t get hit all day, 

– Nothing got thrown, 

– Absoutely no sensory overloads all day,  

What we were left with without all these things was also a very anxious and tearful girly which did make me feel that I wouldn’t want this for her everyday. It showed me that Lou’s anxieties are normally most likely portrayed through aggression and hyperactivity. 

This experience does make think if the days after will be the same, however I was lead into a false sense of security the morning after Lou appeared to be still lethargic and off her food but later her aggressive manner did return, she was rough with Moo and started shouting and hitting out at me once again. I attempted to calm her whilst throwing items around the room and directed at me, to which she then started coughing and found it difficult to stop. We then had to talk through why it’s important to stay calm, especially when you have been unwell. Yesterday Lou had a temperature and was red-cheeked, the day after her temperature had returned to normal…

… I didn’t understand the ‘Fever Effect’ until I saw it with my own eyes. 

For more information about the ‘fever effect’ see the following link: 

Thanks for reading 🙂 

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4 thoughts on “When I saw the ‘Fever Effect’ with my own eyes

  1. This is really interesting and something I have noticed in my own children (4year old asd, 6 year old suspected adhd) I also believe that anxiety displays in many different ways. Thank you for an enlightening example of how you observed the fever effect #SpectrumSunday x


  2. This is really interesting. E doesn’t change at all when he has a fever. In fact, in means we often don’t note he is ill at all. He got sent home from nursery once with a temp of forty but I hadn’t realised he was unwell at all! Thanks so much for linking with #SpectrumSunday. We hope you come back next time.


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