We survived! (Week 1 of the school holidays) 

Feeling a bit like ‘Bear Grills’ but armed with a visual timetable and taking a lot of deep breaths! We have ‘survived’ the first week of the holidays, (or ‘winged’ it!) 

We haven’t been very blessed with the weather this week (typical start!) And we’ve had to do a lot of indoor activities as both my girls are outdoor fans! We had planned to get out for walks and the park, especially to burn off energy but sadly, struggled. 

Keeping our fingers crossed for better weather next week! 

On Monday we established some house and outdoor visit ‘House Rules,’ where I sat with Lou and she helped to come up with some rules such as “we are safe inside,” and used the example of when she launches herself  off the furniture! 

If there is screaming at the top of her lungs (there has been a fair amount this week!) We refer back to the rules which she helped to create, I find that Lou does like rules and boundaries and the fact she helped to create them has given her back some of the control that she thrives on. 

Every morning Lou has arranged her visual timetable with what is happening each day, this has reduced some of the element of uncertainty and we refer back to it if she is getting anxious about what is happening next. 

The activities we have done this week were: 

1. Sensory Dough – we added some drops of Lavender oil to the ingredients, Lavender has been used in our house in the past few weeks in the form of burning oils and room spray as it has had a calming effect on both girls, especially Lou. I realise I had run out of blue or pink colourings to make the dough purple so we added orange instead! 

2. Rainbow Cookies – Lou loves the sensory element of cooking and used her rolling and cutting skills to make the cookie shapes, they came out quite big! 

3. Free-choice craft and ‘Shopkins Shaker Maker.’ Lou loves a bit of craft, I’ve always found it calming for her and her concentration improves, she thoroughly enjoyed painting her ‘Shopkins’ figures that she made from a ‘shaker maker’ kit she had for her birthday. Lou also enjoys selecting her own craft materials from our craft box and creating something of her own choice. 

Let’s see what week 2 will bring! 


2 thoughts on “We survived! (Week 1 of the school holidays) 

    • You should have seen my handwriting as a child it was illegible ! I practiced so much when I was working in early years education that it did make my handwriting neater!!! We will get baking again in Oct half term now we have a bigger kitchen! X


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