My 5 favourite photos from August 

A bit belated… 

But I’ve had uniform and school items to sort out, but here are my 5 favourite photos from the month of August:

This image just sums up Lou’s love of sensory and messy play! She’s had a thoroughly great time exploring lots of different materials during these summer holidays.
This is my favourite dress of Moo’s she may not have long left to wear it as she’s growing so fast and we’ll soon be into Autumn. Just love her in this hat, as Lou used to wear it too.
This was taken during our visit to All Things Wild (Animal Park) this was Lou’s impression of a T Rex! She’s got such a great sense of humour and likes to make people laugh! She’s also been doing some amusing ‘photo bombing’ this month!
Moo is getting more independent now at the park, she loves climbing through this tunnel and shouting: “Hiya!”
This has to be my favourite still life photo of the whole month. I love this memorial sculpture. 

I can’t wait to see what September brings! The obligatory ‘First Day of School’ photos! And changing seasons I can’t wait to get out and photograph, Autumn is my favourite season 🙂 

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5 favourite photos from July.

As July is coming to a close, I looked back on my 5 best photos from the month of July: 


This is Moo at Lou’s sports day, she’s just learnt how to cover her eyes for ‘Peep-Po’ but it looks more like a reaction from the race results! 


My action shot of Lou on a very hot and sunny visit to a local park.


A very cheeky grin from a proud Lou as she’s learnt how to swing on her own!


Lou and Moo are spending more time together, due to it being the summer hols, just had to capture this moment as both seemed reluctant but we’re making progress!


My nature shot of the month – taken only yesterday during a visit to the park in my mum’s village, I just loved the orange and red tones in the field.

I’m not sure what the weather will be like for August but I’m looking forward to taking more photos to look back on next month.

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5 favourite photos for June 

I thought I’d sum up the past month of June by sharing my 5 favourite photos.

A lot of focus for June was Sibling bonding, to continue to build a positive relationship between Lou and Moo. 

Here Lou is sharing her sensory seeking experiences with Moo in the sandpit.
We explored a park we hadn’t been to before. Lou and Moo explored the tractor together beautifully.
Moo explored my parents garden properly for the first time as she is now fully mobile! She enjoyed the little bike that was originally Lou’s.
We enjoyed a day out to Worcester Woods. Lou was fantastic at balancing along a tree trunk.
I enjoy taking various nature pictures, I captured the Poppies growing in a field in the village where we live.

I look forward to capturing some more lovely moments from July, especially as we move into the summer holidays!