Snippets of Christmas ~ A mini series.

Experiences of Christmas in a household with a child who has Sensory Processing disorder, along with traits of ASD and ADHD. 



I love Christmas, although it’s a busy time, it has to be my favourite time of year – a special time for family. I come a fairly traditional family, and we have always celebrated festivals such as Christmas in a certain way. Now my eldest child, Lou is almost 5, she is more aware of the celebrations, via home and school experiences. I decided to write a mini series to show what we experience when celebrating Christmas with a child who experiences sensory sensitives and sensory overloads.

Advent calendars! 

I had bought Lou’s ‘Shopkins’ advent calendar a while ago as it was a ‘but it when you see it’ experience! Shopkins are her current ‘special interest’ and she was aware that the calendar was being stored in the kitchen cupboard, as I purchased it at the beginning of November, she asked to ‘look’ at the calendar every day! On the morning of 1st December her calendar was presented to her via her ‘House Elf’ we have named ‘Fred,’ She said:

“Today is number 1,” (then eats the chocolate,) Then: “Now it’s number 2, then 3, then 4!”

We had to then explain that it is only 1 chocolate per day, and this was hard to take in, therefore the calendar had to be stored out of sight!

‘Fred’ the ‘Elf on the shelf’ returns! 

Lou has been coming downstairs for around a week now and saying: “No presents today!” She hasn’t quite grasped the concept of time and when Christmas day actually is. At bedtime we discussed whether Fred would be returning from the North Pole and she announced: “I don’t like that Elf!” Then I was left thinking oh dear, should I really be doing this at all!?! However, on the morning of the 1st December she was delighted that her Elf had returned and she held him until she went to school, even keeping him under her arm as she ate breakfast! When not really wanting to get dressed for school, she shouted at her dad:

“This elf is telling Santa that Daddy is a naughty boy!”

Next in my series… The Nativity!

Thanks for reading 🙂