Chewigem Toy Remote

Using the Chewigem toy TV remote. 

My eldest daughter, (5) has been using Chewigem products for over a year now, she has the purple Eternity necklace and light blue twister bangle (Chewellry.) She has used these products because she gets very anxious about changes to her routine and often needs reassurance, she picks away at her nails and the Chewigem Chewellry items help to keep her calm, she even takes these items into school.

“CHEWIGEM® is a UK based, chewable jewellery designed to meet the needs of those children and adults who need to chew. CHEWIGEM ® is a non toxic, stylish and effective at meeting this need.”


My youngest daughter (2) displayed a need to chew from a baby, she has always been an oral seeker and will get distressed if her dummy is taken away, and her item to chew removed. From the age of 18 months, she began eating inedible items such as mud, sand, chalk, stones and playdough. In June 2017 we shared our concerns with a health professional and she is now being assessed for Pica (“Pica is characterized by an appetite for substances that are largely non-nutritive.” Source:

I was therefore keen to try an alternative item that was safe for her to display her need to chew. I wondered if my daughter would respond to the same items as her older sister with the Chewellry, however she wasn’t keen. My daughter likes to chew on our TV remote so when I discovered that Chewigem offer a Toy TV remote, whilst visiting the Chewigem stall at The Autism Show, I wanted to give this a try. The toy remote is:

“Made of the same soft, flexible non toxic, washable silicone as all our stuff. Ideal for those who will not tolerate a necklace or a bangle being worn. Robust items that can withstand moderate to aggressive chewing.” 



We have noticed that our daughter had taken to the remote straight away and even used it as a pretend phone! So far we have also noticed a reduction in the amount of dummy use and also the amount of inedible items being put into her mouth. I recently found that you can buy an attachment that can enable the chewy remote to be fixed to a pushchair, etc.


I would highly recommend Chewigem products to anyone.

You can order Chewigem products through Website: 

You can also visit the Facebook page:


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Our trip to Wick Care Farm

Today we visited Wick Care Farm, Near Pershore, Worcestershire. This is not far from where we live and we hadn’t been to a meet-up before with other children with additional needs, which is something that we’ve been wanting to do for a while now. 

We were met by Tom and Isobel who run Wick Care Farm. Amber enjoyed watching the beautiful white ducks and was brave to offer them some food, we watched as the ducks filtered out the mud from the puddle water for them to drink! We then went on to feed the 2 black piglets, Amber was a little reluctant to touch them at first but eventually did and was then helping to feed them in the trough. 

Amber really enjoyed feeding the Jacob sheep, she was intrigued that one was a ‘spotty sheep,’ Tom told us that Jacob sheep can have 2 or 4 horns and some even have 6! 

We were very lucky to get a look at new family dog, a Labrador pup called Millie. Amber was delighted to see a puppy that looked the same as her ‘doggie’ soft toy at home, which is her main comfort object. 
We then moved onto the geese and chickens, with both Amber and Mummy being brave to go into the pen! A goose took a liking to Amber’s bright pink All-in-one suit! But I was impressed how she handled this by calming soon after. We saw the turkeys too and a highlight for Amber was getting to have a sit on the green tractor! She was delighted to get up and steer the big wheel! As she stepped off and I asked if she’d enjoyed that she replied: 

“When I grow up, I’m going to be a tractor girl.” 

My very own ‘Tractor Girl’

Which is a world away from wanting to be ‘Queen Elsa’ which was her preference a few weeks ago! 
Inside we listened whilst Isobel told us how corn is grinded and how this technique used to be done with a stone. Amber had a go at using a grinder with a lever and correctly identified that it was flour that was coming out the other end! 

We were so happy to have joined this meet-up trip, Tom and Isobel were patient, understanding and welcoming. We would defintely like to re-visit the farm again soon.

For further information please visit: 

Wick Care Farm Website

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Why we love Next

Next dress, hat and shoes

Since both of my girls were newborn we’ve always loved the quality and feel of Next clothing. Next children’s clothing washes very well and I’ve found it doesn’t bobble.

Next dress, three-quarter length leggings and white pumps

I just love the bright and cheerful patterns and that dresses can be worn with leggings. As my daughter, Amber (4) is sensitive to certain textures and often finds materials ‘itchy,’ she requests to wear next leggings, tops and dresses as she states that they are “soft.” Amber is tall for her age, I find that Next provides generous sizes for their clothes and items often fit for longer than other brands.

Amber loves her white pumps from Next, they are easier for her to put on and take off herself, promoting independence via a Velcro fastening. She also has them in black to use for school PE sessions.

If there is a special celebration I always look to Next clothing, I bought a white Broderie Anglais dress for my youngest daughter’s Christening and many people commented how beautiful the dress was on the day. At Christmas I look forward to ordering a beautiful red or silver dress.

Next ‘Ditsy’ patterned dress and pink leggings (a favourite pattern!)

Maisie, (18-months) rocks a dress and leggings combo, I like to multi-buy offers and therefore Maisie usually has the same dress but in various patterns, again these dresses are soft and wash incredibly well.

Next dress and hat

The great thing about these dresses are that they can just as easily be worn without leggings and are perfect for hot weather. Maisie is a big fan of her pretty – patterned floral coat, both myself and Amber also have a Next floral coat!

Next coat

This coat is very forgiving and light enough to be carried in Maisie’s changing bag, but at the same time, keeps her warm on the more chillier days and is waterproof.

Next leggings and T-shirt

We have many different coloured Next leggings and patterned tops, Maisie often wears these to trips to the park as they allow her to move freely and are non-restricting.

We are looking forward to seeing the new autum collection, I’ve already got my eye on a beautiful teal-coloured dress with a bird pattern on!

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Nicki @ Sensory Sensitive Mummy.



Bibetta Lunch Bag Review


As my 4 year old daughter is due to start Primary school in a few weeks, it was great to be asked to review a Bibetta lunch bag. I hadn’t heard of the Bibetta brand before but from when we received the lunch bag the first thing I thought was ‘this is like a wet suit material.’ after reading up on the Bibetta brand I realised that Bibetta:

“Design and manufacture a range of smart, innovative and practical products to help everyday family life, fun and relaxing.”

Source: Bibetta website

The founder of Bibetta, Paul Brown (products designer and keen surfer,) found that Neoprene, a material used to make wet suits would be waterproof, stretchy, soft, durable and strong and therefore would make a perfect bib material. I also found that Bibetta produce the following products:

  • Ultra bibs
  • Sleeved Ultra bibs
  • Dribble bibs
  • Picnic blankets
  • Swim bags
  • Roll-up changing mats
  • Lunch bags
  • Bottle insulators
  • Nappy wet bags

We were sent a ‘Pink Butterflies’ lunch bag, my daughter immediately spotted the butterfly name tag and soft handle. On our day out to a local park, I was able to hang the bag onto my pushchair and my daughter accessed the bag when she wanted a snack.


I was pleased to find out that the lunch bag can be hand washed with water and washing up liquid, or normal clothes detergent. The bag can be then rinsed with warm water and left to dry. I was also very pleased to find that it can be occasionally added to a 30 degree, or less, washing machine cool wash. previously I have had to replace around 5 lunch boxes in the last year due to messes and spills inside the bags, that won’t come off even of anti-bacterial products were used to clean inside.

Older lunch bag that was much harder to clean.

On our trip out we added some drinks bottles to the lunch bag, I was pleased to read that the Neoprene material is insulating, helping to keep contents at the right temperature for longer. One of the drinks spilt in transit as the bottle isn’t great and normally the drink would leak through, but with the Bibetta lunch bag the liquid was contained and when we got home I just wiped clean with a cloth. The lunch bag was dry again within minutes.

I would highly recommend a Bibetta lunch bag to everyone, so practical and spacious. I hope to buy one for my youngest daughter as we visit a few groups, and take drinks and snacks to places such as the park. She also starts Pre School next year and this would be perfect to store her packed lunch. Bibetta lunch bags come in 4 different colours/styles:

  • Turquoise birds
  • Pink butterflies
  • Green owls
  • Blue fish

Each coming with a corresponding animal print. You can download a brochure of products from the Bibetta website, I found that selected products up until bank holiday Monday have up to 50% off. With this offer Bibetta lunch bags are £4.99 (were £9.99.)

I will be updating our use of the Bibetta lunch bag once my 4 year old starts school in September.

Disclosure: We were sent the Bibetta lunch bag for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own.

Bibetta products can be ordered online at:

Bibetta website


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Book review: Dr Dawn’s Guides by Sheldon Press

I reviewed Dr Dawn’s guide to Baby’s First Year and Dr Dawn’s guide to Toddler health. 
I was familiar with Dr Dawn from her being one of the presenters on Channel 4’s ‘Embarrassing Bodies,’ and from also presenting a programme called ‘Born Naughty?’  Which I’ve followed with great interest. Dr Dawn has also appeared on ITV’s ‘This Morning.’ I didn’t realise there is such a wide range of publications that Dr Dawn has written, such as ‘Dr Dawn’s Health Check.’

Dr Dawn shares experiences of her own children and this puts the reader at ease, as parents will relate to her story. I completely understand what Dr Dawn is stating in the introduction because nothing does prepare you for parenthood, as babies do not come with an instruction manual! Even after 12 years of looking after other people’s children, nothing could prepare me for when I had my own! 

Dr Dawn’s Guide to Your Baby’s First Year – All you need to know from the first nappy to the first step.

I wish I had this sort of guide when I had my first baby in 2012, it’s a lovely touch when Dr Dawn reminds new mums to take care of themselves too. 
This guide offers practical and clear guide to breastfeeding, using diagrams. 

I didn’t realise that there are 5 different hold positions for breastfeeding. At the time of writing this is relevant as it is currently ‘World Breastfeeding Week.’ 
The guide also offers easy to read tips from personal experience, via the FAQs section on pages 13 to 16. Including a question and answer section. 

 A lot of the information I read in this guide I found I used to have to Internet search for the answers e.g the temperature a baby’s bedroom should be. 

I feel that this guide would be a great gift to an expectant mother as it covers topics that I have I haven’t seen before in similar publications, e.g ‘travelling with your baby.’ I would have found this extremely useful with my first child as we went away to see family when she was only 3 months old. I would definitely agree with being prepared and packing the right items.

The ‘Development Checks and Milestones’ (chapter 7,) and ‘Vaccines and the diseases they protect against,’ gives very up-to-date information, and having gone through, and still going through checks and vaccinations for my 17 month old daughter. I found it very useful to gain information about the particular illnesses that the vaccines protect against. 

It’s been a while since I did my paediatric first aid course, so it’s good to get a reminder of ‘First Aid for Babies,’ (Chapter 11.) 

Dr Dawn’s guide to Toddler Health – stay one step ahead in your child’s expanding world. 

This book follows on from the guide to ‘Baby’s First Year,’ I particularly like Dr Dawn’s advice to: 

“Invest in a hardback note book.”

To note down the lovely, heartwarming moments that children give and the things they say. I do this, and I have my Blog as a record to look back on.

This guide also picks up from where ‘Baby’s First Year’ finishes, in terms of ‘Developmental checks and milestones,’ (chapter 1.) I can relate to topics covered such as ‘Dressing,’  (Chapter 3,) As my daughter (17 months) has started to place items of clothing on her head and is attempting to put her coat on and has a fascination with buttons. 

I was interested to re-cap on ‘Toileting,’ (chapter 5,) as even though I’ve been through this once, it seems like a life -time ago! I remember feeling like it was a race to potty train my first child, and it was refreshing to read that:

“It really isn’t a race and just like everything else, children will develop at different rates.”

I gained reassurance from the ‘Bedwetting’ information in chapter 10 – ‘A to Z of Infant Ailments.’  As we are currently experiencing this with my 4 year old and I’ve felt under pressure to ensure she’s dry at night, it was reassuring to read that: 

“1 in 6 six-year-olds and around 1 in 20 eleven-year olds still regularly wet the bed.”

The ‘Sleeping’ chapter (7) was so relevant to read because this is a big issue for us as a family with our 4-year-old currently. The bedtime routine that my child once followed isn’t working and we’ve been trying all sorts of methods to get her to settle. Dr Dawn is definitely correct in saying: 

“Consistency is the name of the game.” 

‘Teething’ (chapter 7) is also something that is relevant for us as a family as my 17-month-old really does suffer. 

Information on ‘Vaccines and diseases they protect against’ (Chapter 9,) and ‘A to Z of Infant Ailments,’ (chapter 10) follow on from ‘Baby’s First Year,’  and the ailments go into more detail with additional ailments more relevant to the 12 months to 4 years age range.

To sum up: 

I would definitely recommend these books to other parents, they are clear and consise and easy to read, and offer up-to-date and practical advice. The text is broken up with relevant headings and bullet points and the index section allows the reader to just find certain information if need be.

I would be very interested in reading other titles from the ‘Overcoming Common Problems‘ series from Sheldon Press, these include: 
● Coping successfully with pain.

● Coping successfully with panic attacks.

● Coping successfully with shyness.

● Coping with a mental health crisis – Seven Steps to healing.

● Coping with difficult families.

● Coping with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

● Depression: Why it happens and how to overcome it.

● Depression and Anxiety the drug-free way.

● Depressive illness: The curse of the strong.

● The Empathy Trap: understanding Antisocial Personalities.

● How to accept yourself.

● How to be your own best friend. 

● How to beat worry and stress. 

● Living with Autism.

● Overcoming Anxiety.

● Think your way to happiness.

● Understanding obsessions and compulsions .

Wow, what a great range!  Plus there are many more on a varying range of topics.

For more information visit:

Disclosure: I was sent the 2 books above for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own. 

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Review of the new Tommee Tippee Ultra feeding bottle

I was very happy to work with Tommee Tippee in preparation for their ‘Ultra Games’ sporting event. I have used Tommee Tippee products since I had my eldest child, Lou in March 2012. I used the products again for my 2nd child Moo, from March 2015. My children have used Tommee Tippee original bottles, soothers, Tippee cups and beakers, bowls, snack tubs, etc! I find that Tommee Tippee products are those of a very good quality and strong to withstand daily use with babies and young children.

I was happy to receive the new Tommee Tippee Ultra bottle to try on Moo, I will also be giving away another brand new Ultra bottle, more details to follow below.

We also received a Tommee Tippee Ultra ‘Athlete status’ medal and sweat band, where Moo was fascinated with the star-shaped Medal.

It was interesting to see how the bottle has evolved over time after Moo started using the original Tommee Tippee bottles, we were able to compare the newest Ultra model. Moo found it easier to hold this bottle herself, which she was pleased about – being such an independent and strong willed young lady! The angle of this bottle also allows for a smooth milk flow, which is beneficial, especially for younger babies, as both of my babies had colic. The design of the Ultra teat also allows for less air ingestion and discomfort.

I have always found that because Tommee Tippee bottles have a wide neck teat, it allows for switching between breast and bottle feeding. I also found that this bottle is less dribbly for Moo, the screw ring is thicker and wider than the original Tommee Tippee bottles.

As with previous bottles the Ultra range comes in 2 different sizes – 260ml and 150ml, with 3 different teat sizes:

• 1 = Slow flow (from 0m+)

• 2 = Medium flow (from 3m+)

• 3 = Fast flow (from 6m+)

Due to the Ultra featuring a unique:

‘Contoured and angled’ teat’

(Source: Tommee Tippee Ultra bottle and teat instructions.)

As with other Tommee Tippee specialist bottles, they are only suitable for use with Tommee Tippee Ultra teats. I’ve had to ensure to pick up the correct teats for the type of bottle in the past.

As I know quite a few ladies who are currently pregnant, I will be highly recommending the new Tommee Tippee Ultra bottles to them.

For more details:
Please visit

For the full bottle range.

Or ‘like’ Tommee Tippee on Facebook

From 8th to 21st August ‘The Ultra Games’ will be hosted on the Tommee Tippee Facebook page, where parents can enter their athlete in events:

• Crawling

• Smiling

• Dribbling

• Pooping

• Peeing

• Laughing

• Napping

• Rolling

The winners of each event will receive an Ultra Medal, sweatband and an Ultra feeding bottle.

For rules, including how winners are chosen please visit:


Please click on the link below to be taken to Gleam page, where you will be asked to like my Facebook page, if this is done via this link you could be in with a chance to receive a boxed 260ml Tommee Tippee Ultra bottle RRP: £8.99

Disclosure: We were sent these products for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own. 

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