Happy New Year! 

Just a quick one! 

Thank you to all my followers and likers in 2016 🙂 

I have been so happy with how my Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all taken off since March 2016. 

I wanted to share our journey so far, to help others where I can, and so far I’ve been able to do this and connect with other parents who are going through exactly the same 🙂 

I hope for 2017 to write more posts, to have confidence to fight for what I believe in and support for our daughter 🙂 

I hope to also gain answers in terms of my own journey 🙂 

I would like to continue to grow my business ‘Sensory Mummy Music‘ and start a children book idea that I’ve had for a while now ! 

Thank you to everyone who has liked, commented and supported us in 2016 🙂