Weighted Blankets 


Lou has been given the chance to borrow a ‘Weighted Blanket’ to help her at Bedtimes, and at other times to help assist in calming her. Before we trialled the blanket I found it difficult to comprehend how a blanket with weights in could have such a positive effect! 

What I’ve found is that these blankets are literally worth their weight in gold! We noticed the improvement in Lou’s bedtime routine straight away, anyone who has read my ‘Bedtime and Sleep’ series will have read that Lou has had problems with bedtimes since May ’16. We would usually experience a high level of anxiety with the transition of getting ready for bed then settling to go to sleep, objects are often thrown and Lou will try anything possible to gain our attention to return back to her upstairs. 

The first evening that we tried the weighted blanket, Lou was keen to be wrapped in the blanket and I couldn’t believe that within 5 minutes she was sound asleep! This has also worked during ‘Chill Out’ time after a bath, and before going up to bed, Lou asked for the blanket and fell asleep on the sofa and had to be carried upstairs! 

We also would like to try the blanket for comfort during the day, and try and recognise if Lou is feeling anxious or angry about something and use the blanket to prevent any further sensory overloads. 

Lou is a huge ‘Sensory Seeker’ she has loved being swaddled tightly since she was a newborn and would settle to sleep far better. Lou thrives on the pressure that a weighted blanket offers.

As a family we have decided that a personalised blanket of her own, is a must for Lou and we hope to be able to provide one as a Christmas present! 

I was directed to a company called:

‘Leanne’s Weighted Blankets’ 

Where personalised blankets can be made at an appropriate weight, dependant on the weight of the child and by using a pattern of material that is of interest to the child.

Frozen and Shopkins patterned weighted blankets
‘Shopkins’ patterned weighted blanket

Lou has a huge interest in ‘Shopkins’ at the moment, and a pink fleece one side and a Shopkins pattern on the other, is going to be very popular with Lou! 

Not Lou! But another child enjoying a ‘Frozen’ patterned weighted blanket

I don’t normally like pressure and prefer not to be wrapped up, but even I almost fell asleep under the blanket! 

These products are not limited to weighted blankets, there are other products on the market that work in the same way:

  • Weighted lap pads (I imagine would be good to have at school.)
  • Weighted cushions.
  • Weighted snakes.
  • Weighted vests.
  • Weighted caps.
  • Weighted wrist and ankle scraps.
  • Weighted cuddly animal.

Thanks for reading 🙂