This used to be my childhood…

Me at 3 years old, in 1985. Check out that dress!

It’s amazing how certain smells and sounds can trigger memories from childhood. Every time my own children get out the PlayDoh it takes me right back to creating Ice Creams on our PlayDoh ice cream maker! 

Here is a collection of 1980’s and 1990’s memorabilia – namely toys and TV programmes.

I have noticed lately, that certain toys have a revival lately such as Sylvanian Families, My Little Pony and Trolls.


Here I am at 4 years old, and my sister at a year old!

My first memory of a Christmas present was my first ever Barbie, her dress was Glow-in-the-dark and I cut her hair short as I thought it would grow back again! 

Here’s what Barbie looked like brand new! 

Cabbage Patch Dolls:

I pestered my parents constantly for a ‘Cabbage Patch Doll,’ my mum was not keen on them at all! looking back they are an acquired taste! I named her Rosie and she was my first proper dolly. 


This Swan ‘Keyper’ has great sentimental value for me as it was the last present my Grandad gave to me before he passed away in 1986. I can still remember the distinct sweet smell of the vinyl it was made from, and I kept many little trinkets in the swan’s back that could be locked with a special key. 

This was my sister’s Keyper Rabbit.
My sister (4) and me (7)

My Little Pony:

My little ponies were a toy that I collected many of, I must have had around 50 altogether. I really wish I’d kept the originals as my daughter is currently really into My Little Pony. 

Jem the cartoon and Jem the doll: 

“Jem, also known as Jem and the Holograms, is an American animated television series that ran from 1985 to 1988 in U.S. The series is about music company owner Jerrica Benton, her singer alter-ego Jem, her band the Holograms, and their adventures.[3]

Source: Jem (TV series)

I had a ‘Pizzazz’ doll just like this one!

I had a Jem lunchbox that I used to take to school.

I recently turned on the TV movie channels to find that there has been a movie remake of Jem:

Jem and the Holograms (2015.)
Minnie Mouse roller skates:

Roller skates were very popular in the 80’s! Even though I was a child who preferred not to take risks, I was determined to give these a go! I did receive a fair amount of scrapes and bruises from falling off ! 


“Thunder, Thunder Cats!” 

This was one of my all-time favourite childhood cartoons.I can remember tuning in every Saturday morning to watch! 

Female figure I had from Thundercats – called ‘Cheetara’

Sylvanian Families: 

I loved collecting the various families of animals – bears, rabbits, foxes, etc. 

My sister had this barge and I do believe it may still be hanging around our parents house! Another revival and Sylvanian Families are a current favourite of my 4 year old – if only I’d kept them! 

Spokey Dokeys: 

My bike was covered in these! What a noise it must have made! We collected them from breakfast cereal packets and we must have got through a fair amount of cereals! 

Reflectors like these were also popular – my bike was also covered in them! 

Fashion Wheel

I spent hours and hours using this Fashion Wheel, where the wheel would spin for various outfits and accessories to be traced and coloured in.

Rainbow Bright: 

“Rainbow Brite, is a media franchise by Hallmark Cards, introduced in 1983. The animated television series of the same name first aired in 1984, the same year Hallmark licensed Rainbow Brite to Mattel for a range of dolls and other merchandise. A theatrical feature-length film, “Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer” was released by Warner Bros. in 1985.”

Source: Rainbow_Brite

Polly Pockets: 

A lot like my daughter likes smaller toys such as ‘Shopkins’ now, when I was younger Polly Pockets were a huge favourite of mine, collecting around 20 different cases. 

I’m pretty sure my mum still has some of my Polly Pockets at her house! 


I had around 100 trolls! Another item that I used to love to collect, and currently having a huge revival now via the Trolls 2016 film. I handed a box full of trolls over to a charity shop – just a bit gutted now! 

One of my favourites – Wizard Troll (By Ross)
I had a baby troll just like this one


This was my ‘Pop Star’ Sindy. I loved her sparkly hair.

My sister and I had a Sindy house just like this one Christmas.

Game Boy

This device started my love of Technology – playing games such as ‘Super Mario’ and ‘Zelda.’ Released in Europe from 1990.

I must try and keep some of my daughter’s toys as you never know when they may come back around again ! 

Deep in thought at 5 years old! (I was miserable as I had Mumps!)

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Happy to be featured~ Tracks of my years

I’m happy to be featured by Louise, who Blogs at My Three and Me.
Louise asked fellow Bloggers to send a list of their favourite tracks for a feature called ‘Tracks of my Years’ to see my list please follow the link below: 

Tracks of my Years 

What an interesting mix I have! 

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