Sleep and Bedtime Series ~ guest Blogger 

Today I am featuring Steph who blogs at ‘Mental Parentals.’ Steph is a family lifestyle Blogger,  she uses the Blog to log her: 

“thoughts and build up a bank of memorable moments of family life” 

and to track her children’s development,  which I think is such a fantastic thing to do. 

1.      Please explain a bit about yourself. How many children you have and how old are they? 

I’m Steph, a 28 year old Mum with two beautiful boys.  My eldest, O, is 5 years old and my youngest, Q, is 6 months old.

2.      What is your child(ren)’s usual bedtime routine? E.g. Bath time, story, (how many?) etc.

At the moment, we have a bit of a different schedule for them both.  O has some supper before we all head upstairs at 6pm.  Both the boys share a bath and Q is taken out after a few minutes to get dried, nappy on and into his sleeping bag.  I then feed him, wind him and feed him until he falls asleep – a time to yet to be determined.  Lately, it can take a good while as he’s full of trapped wind for some reason!  Poor baby.  O stays in the bath until I’m feeding Q, where his daddy makes sure he’s properly washed.  He gets dried and dressed and into his bed ready for his little routine.  Now that he’s at school, the deal is that he read some, or all, of his school book to us, then we read him a story book.  After story time, he’s tucked up and he chooses two songs for us to sing for him.  He’s often asleep before we finish singing, but would know if you cut one short!

3.      If your child has tried to gain your attention after you’ve said goodnight, what do you do? Go back to see what the problem is? Leave them?

I do go to see what the problem is with both.  Q is too little to leave and there’s good reason for him to cry out.  O sometimes says he isn’t sleepy – usually during the holidays.  We let him put his light on and stay in his room and read for a little while, but find that he usually falls asleep with his head in a book and the light still on within an hour!

4.      Does your child share a room with a sibling or have their own room?

Both children have their own rooms.

5.      Do you have any tips for siblings sharing a room? Do they wake each other up in the night/morning? Do you put your youngest or eldest up first?

I don’t think they wake each other up – I might be wrong!  It always seems to be that one is awake whilst the other sleeps, and vice versa!

6.      What is your child(ren)’s usual bedtime? And usual awake time? Do you have any views on putting later to bed, does it mean that they get up slightly later? Or still the same time in the morning?! 

The kids are both usually asleep by 7:30, Q sometimes a bit later due to dealing with his tummy.  O is awake before 7am, without fail.  Q is usually between 6:30 and 7:30am, but does still wake 2-3 times a night for feeds.  I’ve tried putting O to bed later through the holidays to attempt a later get-up the next morning but find it doesn’t make a jot of difference.

7. Do you have any strategies or tips for a smooth running bedtime? Do you have any other strategies that have worked for you?

Choose a routine and stick to it.  If something doesn’t quite work for you, for whatever reason, change it.  We’ve done bath, stories, songs and sleep with O since he was around 9 months old.  Once Q starts falling to sleep a bit better and sleeping longer periods at night, we’ll introduce the same routine with him.  We might move it to our bed though, instead of in O’s room, so that it’s a neutral territory!

8.      Does your child still have day time naps? Morning or afternoon? Morning and afternoon? 

Q has daytime naps, usually after we’ve dropped O off at school so around 9:30am.  He also naps in the afternoon after lunch, around 1:30pm – both for just over an hour or, if I’m lucky, two hours.

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Thanks to Steph for joining in with the Sleep and Bedtime series, it’s great to hear the experiences of fellow parenting Bloggers.

Thanks for reading 🙂