Review of my Forever Living basket 

This is my first ever review for my Blog!

I was given a Forever Living basket for a week from my friend who runs her own Forever Living business.

I hadn’t heard of Forever Living products before but I was happy to test them out. I also hadn’t realised the benefits of using Aloe for medicinal purposes. I read that

The gel can be taken internally for its nutritional anti-inflammatory and immune balancing effect. It can also be combined with other ingredients to produce topical creams and lotions to nourish and improve the quality of the skin.

Source: ‘Aloe Vera the facts’ by Dr. Peter Atherton.

I have always suffered with sensitive skin and find that a lot of products on the market can leave my skin very dry and itchy, especially those with a high fragrance. Both of my children are intolerant to dairy and egg and they both suffer from Eczema, finding products away from those on prescription are very rare.

I was very impressed over all by the Forever Living products from trying them out on my family of 4 for a week. We have some clear favourites and I’ll concentrate on some of these.

1. Aloe Heat Lotion – Soothing Massage Lotion –  118ml. 

This is by far my favourite product of the basket. I currently suffer with back pain and I’m on a waiting list for Physiotherapy. I’d been using other heat lotion products on the market, but Aloe Heat Lotion soothed my lower back for a longer period of time. After rubbing it in it only takes a minute to work, and the smell isn’t as offensive as some other products I’ve been using! Due to the size of the tube I feel that this product would last much longer than other products I’ve tried and therefore will be more cost efficient.

2. Forever Aloe Lips – with Jojoba. 4.25g.

I struggle with dry, chapped lips both in the heat and cold. As we’re currently having a heat wave my lips have been very dry, after using Aloe Lips I’ve found that my lips are softer and has stopped the chapped skin. The smell is pleasing, I can tell it contains Beeswax.

3. Aloe-Jojoba Shampoo and Conditioning rinse. Both 296ml.

Aloe-Jojoba is orange in colour and Conditioning rinse is white. I found that I didn’t need too much of either product, to be able to lather well – especially the shampoo. After washing out my hair felt softer than usual, I suffer with dry scalp and I was pleased to read that the shampoo helps with the removal of flakes from itchy scalp. I have a busy time with 2 young children, and my hair often looks flyaway, dry and frizzy! I feel that with sustained use both the shampoo and conditioner would improve my hair’s condition greatly.

4. Alow Moisturizing Lotion – 118ml.

I’m terrible at remembering to moisturise! I used to do the full face routine before I had children! I therefore have very dry skin, I found that my skin was lovely and smooth using Aloe Moisturizing Lotion, it didn’t leave my skin greasy and massaged into my skin well. I was pleased to read that the lotion can be used on face, hands or body. My hands are terribly dry, they are always in and out of water and dry quickly. I also feel that with sustained use I will see an improvement in my dry skin on my face and hands. I’ve reacted to a lot of moisturisers in the past due to having sensitive skin, I was pleased that this product is made from a great deal of natural products and I had no skin reaction at all.

5. Aloe Hand and Face soap. 473ml.

*My 4 year old’s favourite product!

This product wins the appreciation on my 4 year old! She reported that this soap:

Looks nice and it’s sparkly.

Amber (4) loves to wash her hands! It’s a slight obsession! She was happy to lather this over her hands and was happy with its smell. She enjoyed trying it on her face as she’s not a fan of face washing!

I feel that this product is very good value as it’s larger than other hand and face soaps on the market and many can only be used on hands. Amber has very dry hands she is constantly washing her hands and enjoys water play. Both children will benefit from using Aloe Hand and Face soap as it’s gentle on their hands and won’t dry them out.

I’ve throughly enjoyed trying these Forever Living products and seeing the benefits for the whole family.

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